Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People In Face

Play the demo. Get the poster

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25 Responses to Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People In Face

  1. bladeface100 says:

    press 6 for headshot

  2. MarlenFalconer says:

    Targetgift_nintendopoints_wowcards_Playstationnetwork_nintendopoints´┐Ż codes-emailed-to-you!-hitmyname

  3. suzuki834 says:

    @joey22306 people like your are why we need to have warnings on our coffee

  4. 11215142615 says:

    Enhances close-quarters combat.

  5. reaperman2010 says:

    Better head explosions than Postal 2! XD

  6. LesleyMetoth says:


  7. didipunk007 says:

    shooting animals in the face ahahahah

  8. godlyimmortal says:

    i get that this is a joke, but its just not even funny :(

  9. oblivionwalthroughs9 says:

    Look at your dick, now back to mine. Now back at your dick now back to mine. Sadly it isn’t mine, but if you stopped sucking it and actually masturbated it could look like mine. Look down, back up where are you? Scrolling through papers trying to find the picture of the dick you drew. What did you draw? Back at mine, it’s the dick you wish you had. Look again my balls turned into diamonds. Anything is possible if you think before you jizz.

  10. Dumbass90SWE says:

    This must be a joke… xD hahhaa

  11. Tekknique253 says:


  12. CrazedPlucky1 says:

    This a game some bullied white kid plays before he goes out to shot up his school! LMAO!!!

  13. luke666808g says:

    @ARCblooper how can you say that books cause crime? What a bunch of bullshit statistics.

  14. mellowmark1 says:

    The cover is priceless.

  15. Y0URm0mmasballs says:

    This game got 9.8 on IGN.

  16. ElBarto3131 says:

    Can’t wait for the new DLC.

  17. abk702 says:

    God I cant wait for chainsaw dawn

  18. TheLawwwdz says:

    ‘In the zone’ LOL

  19. vlad007001 says:

    i wish these games were real

  20. Mobeh1 says:

    Played this game, misse 92% of the time

  21. blacklightning98 says:

    “a new cure for crying children;´╗┐ smothering”

  22. RomeinKnome44 says:

    “a new cure for crying children, smothering”

  23. ghostridethewhip247 says:

    Im crying with laughter from this one, onion outdid my expectations with this one, especially the comic-style cutscene, I was waiting for him to just blow her head off.

  24. AGentlemanAndScholar says:

    “Control of Cambodian government seized by gray parrot wearing general’s uniform”

  25. ArylAiman says:

    Shooting ostriches is the hardest.

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