Top 10 most GLUTTONOUS video game characters!

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of a holiday that’s mostly about eating, here’s my list of the top 10 most gluttonous video game characters. For most of these picks, eating is an integral part of the game. There are a ton of games where characters collect different kinds of food for points, but for these characters, eating is pretty much essential! Gather your eating utensils and dig in to this goofy list of the gluttons of gaming! The music at the beginning and at the intro to #1 was made by me. The music played during the #1 spot is “Pacman (original)” by Power Pill AKA Aphex Twin. Images were found at random. Thanks to my parents, Andrew for helping me find some of these games, Josh for helping me look for a pilgrim costume (that I clearly wasn’t able to get), my awesome subscribers for their continued support, and of course YOU for watching! Thanks!

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25 Responses to Top 10 most GLUTTONOUS video game characters!

  1. PureTeam100 says:

    Sub to my channel because once i get 150 subs im giving away a HD PVR and if i reach 250 subs im giving away an xbox elite.

  2. 6027 says:

    I just said thaaat… lmao.

  3. HarvGod says:

    noby noby boy :D

  4. C4Blizzard says:

    @TheShadowgaiden2 Nom Nom Nom

  5. DivineBanana says:

    in snake eater, eva has to eat waaaaay more than snake lol. she was eating all my food it was easier to just knock her out and drag her.

  6. TheDoopliss2 says:

    @lgndmkr12 14 really, and it was a joke, he sayed “pac man has been re released on just about every consule!

  7. lgndmkr12 says:

    @TheDoopliss2 there are like 12 or something many games on Vrtual Boy

  8. angelenaorlandivbs says:

    Better idea about Russain women

  9. alizanorrellfht says:

    She is hot and sexy wonna meet her

  10. TheDoopliss2 says:

    I Havent seen pac man re released on Virtual Boy -_-

  11. TheShadowgaiden2 says:

    i know tf2 was kinda new at the time this came out, but i still think heavy weapons guy deserves to be on this list

  12. supersteelpokemon says:

    @MsJ1nsu wait, is it THAT movie? it did remind me of Lolo. Although I forgot his girlfriend’s name. I think it was Pipi or something?

  13. supersteelpokemon says:

    @awesomon snorlax doesn’t really eat in the video game. in the anime, yeah. but not in a video game

  14. METALIST1989 says:

    Hey man, why didn’t I find your videos before? This list is awesome and jokes are actually smart, unlike many many game reviewers on youtube who rely on fart jokes and toilet humor. Thanks for making these vids!

  15. TehChibiMage says:

    No Yuyuko? :3

  16. ericli51 says:

    It’s a shame you haven’t played Odin Sphere, otherwise the characters from that game would definitely be on this list.

  17. DeadbeamNetworks says:

    Its funny how im watching this on THANKS GIVING!

  18. iRyusa says:

    I think Metal Slug characters should be in this top :p

  19. darksardine says:

    How did I know Pac Man was gonna be #1? :P

  20. Firrodrigolosofia says:

    When I first saw the video title, even before clicking it, I already figured out who was the 1st place, kinda obvious! XD

  21. mattwo7 says:

    Kirby deserves #2 >.>

  22. s4ad0w1 says:

    While I’m glad Kirby’s on the list, HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!!!

  23. punkdudes2000 says:

    @slashermaster28 ya true

  24. slashermaster28 says:

    @punkdudes2000 True, but there’s only a few mushrooms in each stage, not nearly as much as the other characters on this list eat.

  25. DanielWilliamClark says:

    Wow, you ate a whole turkey AND a pizza? You must have been really hungry!

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