The Avenger – CES 2011 Engadget Video Review

N-Control, Inc. releases the Avenger, a state-of-the-art gaming accessory for the Microsoft® X-BOX™ controller. The Avenger accelerates the user’s reaction time and provides gamers with advanced rapid-fire capabilities. On November 9th, Activision® will release their highly-anticipated title, Call of Duty®: Black Ops.™ Gamers will be looking for a tactical advantage, and the Avenger is poised to provide the upper hand. The Avenger is an external enclosure that tightly grips the exterior surface of the original X-BOX controller to enhance gameplay. This accessory provides an intuitive user-interface, geared to improve the gamer’s accuracy and reaction-time. “It enhances the user’s speed and manual dexterity,” says David Kotkin, lead designer of the Avenger. “This sophisticated accessory is specially engineered and constructed for those who want to push their gaming abilities to new heights.” The Avenger promises rapid, fluid movements between individual buttons and analogue sticks, allowing gamers to access nine functions simultaneously. The attachment comes equipped with high-precision tension straps, hand triggers, and sensitivity adjusters, which can be fine-tuned like a musical instrument.

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25 Responses to The Avenger – CES 2011 Engadget Video Review

  1. TheKeenanjake says:

    wtf? :L

  2. Zareste says:

    @Wofaze might be true. I wouldn’t dump money on this gadget, but dual-sticks do have their uses.

  3. Wofaze says:

    I bet that’s not the case with driving games, dual stick shooters and platformers etc.

  4. peaceoftoast says:

    guitar hero 3, here i come.

  5. MegaRockstar56 says:

    i use this for legit dropshots

  6. luckyw4ss4bi says:

    I wan’t to take this to a tourny and turn my settings to legacy southpaw and whatever crazy settings. . . I’d lose but I’d intimidate the crap out of people

  7. naveedx2 says:

    I cant see it working

  8. TheMegajman1992 says:

    @Zareste no

  9. ChaosPunksXe says:

    This thing fucking sucks. Every one of those fucking arms broke on mine and it just feels so unnatural. The “controller stand” is so impractical as you would much rather hold the controller tightly so that you have the best maneuverability. Don’t waste your money guys, this thing is a rip off. Just get a PC.

  10. Collin6981 says:

    cool at first but when i am using my melee i don’t really need to aim this is just stupid i prefer playing on my com anyway

  11. 7620cms says:

    Dont buy this, i purchased it since it first came out and have since resold on ebay, cheap plastic, straps keep sliding off, and is just to bulky and hard to get use too

  12. syph007 says:

    lol that looks absurd

  13. rockdude2702 says:

    What if you need a wank?

  14. BryanMumble says:

    put that controller to your ass

  15. BryanMumble says:

    anyone with a mouse and keyboard will still that controller to your ass

  16. OceanMarketing says:

    its not complicated children pick it up

  17. jplus22guns says:

    i WOULD buy this  if it werent to complecated

  18. MrMojo112 says:

    Looks like you would have to reteach yourself how to use a controller. That’s 20 years of gaming to break…sounds more like work than fun. Pass.

  19. EskiLdn says:

    You cant review your own shit man

  20. NextLvlProductions says:

    bad arse.

  21. synide9 says:

    y not just use ur finger ta pull the triggers? u dont gotta tie a string to it n pull the sting. nor do u have ta move ur hand all stupid ta push b

  22. gotzJazzhandz says:

    lmao thats horrid

  23. FloppyTrout says:

    @Zareste actually i haven’t i’m to lazy plus attachments are for whimps.

  24. Zareste says:

    @FloppyTrout Looks like someone was dumb enough to buy this

  25. FloppyTrout says:

    @Zareste that is if your dusty old computer can still play any games other than WoW.

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