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25 Responses to Silver Surfer – NES Review – Angry Video Game Nerd AVGN

  1. Flaskyfromroblox says:

    You touch the top of the Building you die you touch the seeling you die you touch the floor you die too far to the right you die too far to the right you die you die you die die die die die die die die dai die die die die DIE

  2. 6mustangboy says:

    your right about the silver surfer game i have the app to it on my phone

  3. Warhawk0602 says:

    Aw fuck!…your mother…

  4. abrahamrocks100 says:

    If the game is that hard imagine the bosses

  5. AviatorStudios says:

    WTF James Disabled Ratings?!?

  6. BuellerBueller95 says:


  7. HaveANiceDay37 says:

    what the fuck i cant touch the walls

  8. Falandar777 says:

    from 7:40 = smells like touhou :D

  9. 2006man says:

    You should try out the arcade version of Gradius III. Its difficulty will make this game look like child’s play, I tell you.

  10. Warhawk0602 says:

    Aw fuck! Your mother…

  11. REGOP553 says:

    This game is so hard, it would actually be easier to go outside in a thunderstorm and try to dodge rain, it would be easier to walk bare-foot without your toes or heels touching the floor, it would be easier to pick fly shit out of pepper, while wearing boxing gloves! xD

  12. xYoshi1096x says:

    This game was made by Arcadia

  13. trebor0123 says:

    that would have to the funniest shit ive seen in a while on youtube !

  14. iP0STcomments says:

    ”To keep playing, you’ve gotta be a fuckin’ nerd!” Duh.

  15. kzbxvz says:

    If you touch a anything you die with only 3 lives and no continues whatsoever, a typical hardass game from the 80′s kids!

  16. WebVMan says:

    Wow. Except for Seasme Street characters, Surfer is probably the only other naked NES main character.

  17. R4Akai says:

    play the shit out of it xDD

  18. KneeOfJustice2046 says:

    An LJN poster…? That IS worthless.

  19. gonigeena says:

    07:47 Glitch gremlin.

  20. Marcohazard says:

    01:47 that “F” power up item looks like “Flame Shot” from Metal Slug series…
    (not really, only the colour of the text is similar…)

  21. PaycheckToPaycheckPr says:

    If you like this video click my channel name to see our review inspired by AVGN on the shitty Wii game: Party Pigs Farmyard Games.

  22. GeoMcEvan says:

    come on Cinnemassacre, make an AVGN game! the fans want it!

  23. SoundwaveRomania says:


  24. SoundwaveRomania says:

    @gbgabo123 Yeah, Tim Follin is the shit!

  25. Pedro8190 says:

    Haha, he’s genius!

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