Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles: Video Game Review S1E1 Click the above link to vote for Resident Evil in the 2009 Inside Gaming Awards. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles: Video Game Review S1E1 Today we will be reviewing Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii. The game is an on-rails shooter with a mature rating set in the Resident Evil universe… how does it stack up against the rest of the games in the series? Let’s take a look. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: resident evil the darkside chronicles nintendo wii capcom first person shooter 013388350155 machinima review yt:quality=high

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25 Responses to Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles: Video Game Review S1E1

  1. lesscorruption says:

    I love the dialogue. always have. I dont get why people hate on it so much.

  2. limitsora69 says:

    @limitsora69 president daughter… i think

  3. edward18517 says:

    There are no zombies in 4. And what woman are you talking about?

  4. limitsora69 says:

    shooting… the zombies… and the woman who played the game wanted in leons pants thats just the only reason why it seems so popular
    i agree with the dialogue

  5. zedsded says:

    It amuses me that guy kept the debate going for 6 months lol when we all know re1 is best-

    Stat alert!

    You were almost a Jill sandwich!


  6. kadaj2k6 says:

    @767homie lol…yea dat made me laff

  7. TheLuizao2 says:

    @2:08 shooting yo’ ass

  8. ravenroost says:

    at least the voice actors are pritty good

  9. TheRealBitterbub says:

    Edward quit trolling you little nooblet. Or face being reported.

  10. HighStakesEntertain says:

    @edward18517 That’s why it’s called the best in the series?

  11. HighStakesEntertain says:

    What RE game has GOOD dialouge?

  12. edward18517 says:

    like hell! 4′s script was crap and the story was the worst of the main series. Aside from that, it had the least relevance of all the main games and Leon was nothing but annoying in it.

  13. maazss4 says:

    @edward18517 r u crazy 4 was the best re

  14. CrimzonAE says:


  15. captlee1694 says:

    @edward18517 I know that, I didn’t understand how they though it would work myself, I just though you didn’t know why they infected her. And even if it did work how would they take over the rest of wrold (America alone is hard to belive anyway), America isn’t the only country that’s powerful, “once america falls the rest of the world will fall shortly” ya right

  16. edward18517 says:

    and then once the vice President was in office (or even before then), they’d wipe the Ganados off the face of the map for having done that.

  17. captlee1694 says:

    @edward18517 the reason they infected the president’s daughter so she would kill him some time after she got back, because no one would expet her to be infected with a Las plaga & kill him.

  18. edward18517 says:

    And how the hell’s the story smart? Sending in ONE agent to rescue the President’s daughter? Infecting her with a Las Plaga that would do nothing except get the president mad once she got back? Leon acting like an ass to the antagonists and getting them mad? Killing off Umbrella in an INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH?!

    The story didn’t even try to be a main story! There was no connection at all to the Progenitor Virus! It was just a straight-up action-fest.

  19. edward18517 says:

    RE4′s script made me wanna tear my ears off at times. And don’t tell me I could skip it, cause the first time you see it you have no idea what to expect. It may have had its cheesy moments but the thing is, it didn’t even try. The others always tried to be serious. 4 was just embarrassing to watch.

  20. TheRealBitterbub says:

    @edward18517 Fine correction you idiot: RE4′s script was not bad whatsoever you twit, the script was perfect, and it fit the Resident Evil mood, sure it had some cheesy moments but that is what the Resident Evil series has always been known for. And the story is damn smart you little fucktard, and I doubt you’re even smart enough to realize just how the villagers even befell to the parasites.

  21. edward18517 says:

    you wouldn’t see false documents because I have real ones.

    Also, RE4 wasn’t bad because it didn’t have zombies. Zombies were never even needed in the first place as they’re just accidents of T. RE4 sucks as an RE game simply because the script is possibly more embarrassing than 1′s, the story’s the worst of the main series, it has the least relevance of the main games, and it has nothing to do with the legacy of the Progenitor Virus which is what the series is.

  22. TheRealBitterbub says:

    @edward18517 Continuing from last post: You are stating, or rather implying that RE4 was a bad Resident Evil due to the lack of zombies, which is false, even though you stated before in other posts that it was not a bad game: but this is the opinion of others. No opinion changes that quickly. Resident Evil 4 was considered one of the best REs’ because it shows how a series can revolutianize (sorry about spelling) and temporarly change it’s main series of enemies into something a tad similar.

  23. TheRealBitterbub says:

    @edward18517 Yeah right… why would I want to see a false document? Or a series of forged documents?

    Let’s make this somewhat simple, shall we?
    Quote: “First off, RE4 didn’t have zombies either, but people worship that piece of crap for some reason. And secondly, what’s it matter about the voice acting? It’s still cheesily bad at parts. The thing is though, that 5′s at least better than the crap 4 gave us and it continues the story in a way that actually matters.”

    Continue next post:

  24. edward18517 says:

    uh, no shit I have an IQ above average. If you want I can send you my diploma and IQ charts and everything.

    Also, RE4 is considered the best by many out of the Resident Evil series as a VIDEO GAME. As a Resident Evil game, most considering something like 2 the best.

  25. TheRealBitterbub says:

    @edward18517 Uh huh… right–you’re against a Resident Evil 4 which was often considered one of the best Resident Evils out there, and you possibly dare to argue you could possibly in many, many, many years of being taught by the world’s best Professors have an IQ at even average? GTFO.

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