Grip-IT First look and Installation video

A first look at a new product in the gaming accessory industry, Analog stick rubber grip covers! So far they have actually proven to be helpful while gaming and they add a little pizazz to your controllers, and for a retail price of $4.99, There is just no reason to pass them up! Check out: And huge thanks to: for providing this product for review, Stay tuned for the full review coming soon as well as a giveaway of this product!

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25 Responses to Grip-IT First look and Installation video

  1. thewwedj says:

    do these fit PS2 Controllers?

  2. TheFoggo18 says:

    Fps Freeks are way better than that shit Grip-it

  3. S64D345 says:

    I have a roll of toilet paper with 100 dollar bills.

  4. 99thematrix says:

    dont buy this shit. if you want something good go to kontrol and for people that play call of duty and games like get the fps prestege. i use mine with high sensitivity also if you like raceing games theres one there for that purpose to if you primarly want looks and not game performance buy this because all this really is is a cover for your joy sticks to protect them

  5. RiseOfTheNerd says:

    @ezekiel207 Get all the honeys with a PS tripple?

  6. carlnavarro says:

    these are impossible to find in L.A. where do you live?

  7. Drumzmer555 says:

    does it fit on a razer onza TE?

  8. ir3095 says:

    dude wtf cut your nails man!!!!

  9. ezekiel207 says:

    @moto815 its only 5 bucks. i wipe my ass with 5 bucks.

  10. moto815 says:

    oh wow i think is stupid & wasted of money…

  11. tallyhoman911 says:

    @zabycx2 you fail you stupid troll!!!!!

  12. JDFrates says:

    @TechExplosion haha,who doesnt?

  13. TechExplosion says:

    @JDFrates lol, I just happen to like stickers a lot.

  14. JDFrates says:

    I was also fortunate to recieve this Grip it sticker! lol, you said that with alot of excitement, a sticker!!! (Not hating,just thought it was funny)

  15. rekimz says:

    @lionlayonleon its page 2…

  16. gamecrazyinformer says:

    failed at 0:45
    you said psp or xbox controller. than you kept saying psp

  17. Ahmed7193 says:

    @ShayBYRD09 improve ur ENGLISH

  18. ShayBYRD09 says:

    who in the hell u got a ps3!!!???

  19. TechExplosion says:

    @GashisDX No, It’s like saying don’t talk about what you have no prior experience about. Not unless your strictly speculating that is. otherwise, Bashing others when you have no prior experience on what you’re bashing them on. It’s just stupid.

  20. GashisDX says:

    @TechExplosion That’s like saying nobody has the right to review a movie unless they’ve made one themselves. Stop getting so butthurt.

  21. zabycx2 says:

    @TechExplosion Going right to the most illogical defense, that’s convincing. “You can’t criticize my book, you’re not an author!” “How dare you say that movie sucks? Why don’t you spend $100 million making your own movie?” “You’re not an artist! You can’t criticize paintings!”

  22. TechExplosion says:

    @zabycx2 Pretty funny how your here criticizing my “ridiculous attempt at sounding professional” and I see no tech reviews on your channel. Stop trying to criticize others unless you’ve been in their shoes. And this is actually the way I speak, I just may sound a bit weird because I do it all on the spot, No notes, no looking at computer screens, none of that. all from my head, but thanks for your comment.

  23. zabycx2 says:

    Stop trying to sound professional. It’s ridiculous how you’re trying to adopt a formal speech pattern, yet your actual sentences wander in an obvious unplanned fashion. Just speak like you’d normally speak.

  24. TechExplosion says:

    @SchneiderStudios Thanks for the comment. and Agreed. Especially for FPS type games. Absolute must to get those extra few kills. :)

  25. SchneiderStudios says:

    Very nice I’m using something very similar. It’s a must for grip.

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