EDGE DS Review

This is my review for the EDGE DS. It is a great gaming accessory for the Nintendo DS. The EDGE DS can hold many different file types such as games, videos, music, and much more! You will need a micro sd card for the EDGE DS to store the files on. You can get one of those along with the EDGE DS from Kick Gaming. www.kickgaming.com Thanks!

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23 Responses to EDGE DS Review

  1. zedjawater0 says:

    is this EDGE thing come along with a SD card when you buy it?

  2. ingram450g says:

    the case is cool

  3. TrollingForSure says:

    haha your accent is awesome! great review!

  4. dynokatz says:

    how do you get moonshell 2.1o to work on this cart

  5. mysticdarkrai135 says:

    @ddOmInAtIoNn ill try n get 1 from xpertron

  6. mikechissell says:

    I got my card from Iedgeds.co.uk

  7. ddOmInAtIoNn says:

    @mysticdarkrai135 no its for downloading software for edge only.

  8. mysticdarkrai135 says:

    @ddOmInAtIoNn can u buy the edge card from there? can i get it in england? whats the site

  9. MrDonphan says:


  10. ddOmInAtIoNn says:

    @Sharkosaurus Go edge official website and download the latest software and put in into ur edge

  11. NokeSmehh says:

    @paperdude1000 LOL he just sounded G@Y and im not

  12. paperdude1000 says:

    @NokeSmehh yes you are.

  13. paperdude1000 says:

    @youngamer313 yes you are.

  14. pinoy102634 says:

    @youngamer313 yes he is and so are you for asking

  15. pinoy102634 says:

    @youngamer313 yes he is

  16. UsernameUnavailableN says:

    @ChaseQurt2000 A website called Kick Gaming, they’ve got $5 shipping.

  17. youngamer313 says:

    are you gay?

  18. youngamer313 says:

    are you gay?

  19. ChaseQurt2000 says:

    Where Can You Buy Edge DS.

  20. AznLonelyBoi says:

    Your micro SD card must be busted then. Same thing happened to me, the card suddenly wiped itself and all the data in it was gone, but i got a new micro SD card and it works fine. The message just means it doesn’t have a firmware on the micro SD card which u can download from the website and upload it onto your micro SD card if it happens again.

  21. trx1961 says:

    someone compressed there r4 and has 103 games on his

  22. MicroLight15 says:

    that USB is the best youve seen? thats the shittiest ones ive seen. that thing has a terrible design

  23. spacecolony1 says:

    around 40 or 50 games

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