Organizing A Chess Party

Chess isn’t at all that puzzling. This is almost everyone’s first impression. You can even think of chess as any other board game such as Monopoly. You are given a board, some game pieces and some rules to observe. To maximize your playing experience however, you’ll eventually wish to take risks and transcend the basics. Chess was invented to help military leaders learn about battle strategy; hence; you might like to see yourself as a general and the chess tournament as your battle.


As with other games, chess is one that deserves to be enjoyed. Just relax and keep cool. Lots of people assume that they hate the game simply because they don’t remember to relax when they play. There exist many factors why chess has ceased to be just a form of entertainment for some people: the embarrassment of defeat, the anxiety of forgetting the rules, or simply the drive to ace the game. Tension makes it difficult to focus. When you stay cool, you can enjoy the tournament more and you have more opportunities of winning. This is because a relaxed attitude liberates your mind from worries.

Throw a Party

One of the definite means to get yourself to relax while playing chess is to transform your game time into a fun event. A fun idea is to request the seasoned players to donate a pate. Organize a gathering. Call it a house party if you like.

The party isn’t really odd. It’s similar to your regular card party. It’s basically a gathering of familiar people who would share a meal and enjoy a chess game or two together.

Chess is Fun

You or your friends may already have a negative intuition about chess. Or maybe you think that only serious players have chances of winning. Blame chess’ boring image on movies. The game is oftentimes portrayed as exclusively for nerds. Well, what you probably shouldn’t forget is that chess ranks high in entertainment value. Chess should be enjoyed, and not feared.

According to players, the fun in chess is manifested in at least two aspects. One part, even though small, is emerging the victor of chess match. The second aspect deals mostly with guesswork. Won’t it be fun to predict your rival’s next move?

Overdoing everything is bad however – especially when you overanalyze your opponent’s moves. You could get a tad more insecure when you’re up against someone who is definitely a more skilled chess player than you.

Your chances to overthink things can be minimized during a chess party. Surprisingly, these disruptions can break the ice. The interruption, no matter how brief, gives your mind a moment to process what is taking place on the board and usually makes everything seem much clearer than it did before.

Although you may not emerge the victor of the chess match, there’s always something to savor at any chess party: good times with your friends.

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