Movie Tie-Ins And Board Games

Certain movies, especially summer blockbusters, provide audiences with loud, flashy movies that offer thrills and much excitement. These films often produce a number of toys, often action figures, video games on every platform, and if the public is lucky, an innovative take on a board game. Often, these games take a pre-existing game and build a theme around it which correlates with the movie. It is not unknown, however, for the movie tie-in game to have a special set of rules or even to completely invent a new game for its own sake. These games often are limited editions, with only a certain number available for public consumption, and anyone who is interested in the film and the premise of the game should be sure to enjoy it before their chances are gone.

Some games, like Clue and Monopoly, are easily adapted into alternate editions. Clue has featured editions with Scooby Doo characters, Simpsons characters, Dungeons and Dragons, and an Alfred Hitchcock theme. These editions not only alter the characters from the classic Clue suspects into themed characters from the movie in question, but change the rooms into alternate locations. Monopoly often takes the game tokens and changes them into things from the movie, as well as renaming all of the properties into alternate locations. Monopoly is especially suited for epics, with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars both being popular themes for special edition.

Risk and Stratego, both popular strategy games, lend themselves to editions for movies with battle sequences. One Stratego edition lent itself to The Chronicles of Narnia, with the two opposing sides fighting an epic battle. One side played with the forces of Aslan, fighting for the side of justice with each of the tokens being different characters from the film. The other side featured the army of the White Witch, fighting for control of the world, and also showing tokens that featured throughout the movie. Risk, on the other hand, can often feature elements of epic wars. There have been featured editions of Risk for both Transformers and Star Wars, portraying the epic battles those films depicted. In the Transformers edition, players fight on either the side of the Autobots or the Decepticons, waging war for control of the Universe. Star Wars has produced two editions of Risk, one set during the Clone Wars that has players fighting as either the Republic or the Separatists and another edition was set during the Original Trilogy with players fighting as either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire.

Some films both have editions of existing games and make their own original editions. Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, does exactly this. This blockbuster film not only has a specially designed chess board, but its very own edition of the popular game Life, in which players follow different paths of pirate life. Special editions of existing games aren’t everything that Pirates of the Caribbean has provided, however, for consumers are able to purchase a copy of Liar’s Dice, the game that is actually played during the second movie of the franchise. With a little creativity, it is proven that popular movies are able to adapt themselves well to board games, giving fans a way to enjoy the movie long after the credits roll.

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