Mayfair The Settlers of Catan- Hosting a Game Night

So you’ve got your copy of Mayfair The Settlers of Catan, but you need a group to play with. Well, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and host a game night.

Invite your Friends

The amount of people you invite depends on what games you’d like to play. If you’re sticking to The Settlers of Catan, you’ll want to invite the right number for your game or expansion pack. Some variants have been posted that make it possible to play with more than six players.

If you want a larger gathering you’ll need to plan accordingly by either using games that everyone can play or having several smaller games and dividing into groups. If you’re going with the smaller game option, keep the games relatively short so that people can change games and mix up the groups. Offering refreshments goes a long way in establishing a friendly atmosphere. If the group is large you may want to make it game night potluck.

Know your Audience

In choosing games and creating the atmosphere, consider your audience. What is the age range and skill level? How competitive are they? What sort of games might they prefer? You don’t want to scare away newbies with intensely competitive game play. Nor do you want to bore your group with games they don’t enjoy. For the first game night, be flexible and adjust plans to fit the group’s needs. After that you’ll know what to expect.

Turn it into a Club

Once you’ve got a group interested in playing games, suggest making it a regular thing. Whether it be once a week or once a month, you can all get together to try out new games and share each other’s company. The regular nature of the game night also makes it easier to invite others and introduce them to your favorite games.

So you’re dedicated, but you just can’t get a good group going for The Settlers of Catan game. Maybe your friends are not as hard core as you, maybe they’ve seen enough ore to last them a lifetime, or maybe you’d just like to expand your game group. Whatever the reason, there are many options for finding like-minded Settlers fans to be part of your game nights.


If you’re not too picky about playing in-person, the internet can offer countless Settlers opponents. Sites like Catan Online World offer game sessions where you can play against other players anywhere in the world. It’s a great opportunity to practice your strategies and expand your horizons as your prepare for local game nights.

The internet can also help in finding people for local events. Board Game Geek has a feature to find gamers in your area. is dedicated to connecting you to the groups in your area. You can search or start one of your own.

Local gaming stores

Most malls have at least one store dedicated to games. The clientele is relatively focused, making this is a perfect place to look for fellow gamers. You can ask if they have an advertising board where you can either post your game nights or look for others. Gaming stores will also have information about upcoming conferences or competitions where you will meet truly dedicated fans. Some Barnes and Noble locations host game nights or are open to the idea, so check out your local store to see what’s on their calendar.

Social Groups

People won’t know that they like Settlers of Catan until they’ve played it. Rather than focus on finding pre-made fans, consider people already in your social circle that might enjoy a game night. Do you belong to a church group or social club? Are you involved in team sports or other community efforts? Do you have fun-loving coworkers? If you have kids, consider inviting their friends’ parents over for a game night. If the kids are old enough, they can play along. If not, they can play more age-appropriate games like Catan Junior.

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