Learn the Backgammon Rules Well to Get the Most Out of your Game

Just as the best drivers are those who know the rules of the road, superior backgammon players are those who take the time to properly learn the backgammon rules. Fortunately, the regulations of the game are not at all complex and there are plenty of opportunities available to learn how to play backgammon. So the first question that needs to be answered is where to turn to find out how to play backgammon – all that a players needs to know about the setup of the backgammon game, the rules controlling the positioning of the checkers and their movement and what actions are legal for a player to take as they try to become the first one in a position to bear off (remove) all their checkers and so become the winner of the game.

In addition to knowing how to arrange and move checkers as well as the backgammon board set-up, it’s equally as important to understand the circumstances in which you can hit an opponent’s checkers as well as other aspects common backgammon game-play. Many players will also want to learn the additional rules that come into effect when backgammon is played for money. Many of the rules of backgammon gambling are associated with the handling of the doubling cube, which is the special die used when a player wishes to increase the stakes for which the game is played.

At the most simple level, many players start off as children learning the rules of the game from the instructions provided with the basic backgammon set they receive as a birthday present or buy themselves. Certainly this information will be sufficient to know how each player should position their fifteen checkers at the opening of the game. They will also explain such key points of play as the rule that you can only hit an opponent’s single checker on a point, and once the checker is hit it is placed on the bar – the central ridge running down the board – and from here the owner of the checker has to try and get the dice throws to bring the checker back into the game. However, the more serious player is going to want additional information.

Over recent years many books have been published explaining clearly all the rules of the backgammon in a way that enables the reader to quickly absorb them. Joining a backgammon club is another excellent way of quickly gaining a familiarity with the rules of the game. Today many players find it most convenient to learn the laws of backgammon from the information provided on one of the many online backgammon gaming rooms. Not least because the Internet backgammon site owners want to encourage people to play the game, they offer clear explanation of the laws of the game, and much valuable information on strategy, which shows how these rules operate in actual gaming situations. Furthermore, the free backgammon download allows you access to a sophisticated backgammon computer. You can use the backgammon online computer to practice your game and put the rules you learned to a practical test.

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Internet backgammon professional Gene Marshall writes for several top backgammon web sites. The author contributes articles about online backgammon and recommended backgammon playing strategies. More works by Gene Marshall related to backgammon can be obtained on the net.

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