Improve In Chess NOW – 5 Nuggets Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement Coming From The Masters!

True, not all of us wants to be a grandmaster. That’s just too much. Achieving the grandmaster title takes MORE than talent and blood-inducing work! It’s a full time job. HOWEVER, if you will ask any chess beginner out there what they want out of the game, they will definitely reply: “I need to Improve In Chess!”

Sadly, not everybody improves in chess the way they want to. Some unlucky folks on the market spend three to 4 hours a day studying openings and memorizing opening variations, playing games in opposition to fellow amateurs, attempting to master endgames, etc. BUT only a couple of them improve in chess. Most of them are stuck in the same class year after yr after year.

So how does one improve at chess? Does he must have extraordinary talent? Does he must spend hours and hours day in and time out for his chess studies? Or are we just hopeless? The answer to the final three questions is NO.

You need not spend long hours studying. You don’t need to have extraordinary talent. And NO, you’re NOT hopeless! Did you know that the oldest man to be awarded the master title was 74 years old? He’s Oscar Shapiro just in case you don’t know.

See? It is never too late to improve in chess, and perhaps make it to master level. OK, enough with making you feel heat and fuzzy, that getting higher at the Royal Game is possible. Let’s get right down to business. Right here, you will discover 5 ROCK strong ideas that will enable you enhance your chess:

Nugget Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement 1

DO NOT fear loses and rating drops. This could take a whole book! Anyway, to point out to you how harmful this can be about your progress – I was reading one of NM Dan Heisman’s Novice Nook article and he mentioned that one among his college friends back then, a chess player, dropped from active play RIGHT after reaching the 1800 mark or Class B.


Because he wants to retire as a B class chess player! See? It is all due to ratings, this man shied away from our beloved game. If you wish to improve in chess, you must discover ways to face losses and ranking drops. That is part of the game.

Rankings – they’re nothing BUT mathematical shadows they go up once you get better at chess. With that in mind, your focus ought to be to get better! To not lose or preserve your chess rating.

Do not take losing personally. Really, our losses are the perfect training and chess improvement tools at our disposal! Whenever you lose, you have made something incorrect that you do not want to happen next time around. So analyze your losses and look for these mistakes. More importantly, be certain that it doesn’t occur once more!

Nugget Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement 2

Search assistance from stronger players. You do not know what you do not know. PERIOD! And that is one thing only stronger gamers can pin point. Think about it, have you ever ever seen a wonderful professor who did NOT attend college school? Have a look at the best players of at present, Anand, Shirov, Carlsen – despite their stratospheric level and playing strength they still seek the guidance of the most effective chess coaches and trainers like Dvoretsky and in Carlsen’s case Kasparov.

If you don’t search the assistance of stronger gamers, if you don’t ask for help in pin pointing your mistakes, you’ll hardly enhance your chess game.

Nugget Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement 3

Give attention to following sound opening advice. Focus on that instead of memorizing opening lines. We want an arsenal of chess openings especially these days when everyone appears to be updated. We cannot dwell with out them BUT we cannot dwell with openings alone either.

Instead of memorizing opening lines, which hardly occur in beginner play, comply with solid opening principles. Get your soldiers out before beginning a fight. Develop them as actively as possible.

Nugget Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement 4

Read game collections of the best chess players – Spassky’s Greatest games, Alekhine’s Finest games Of Chess, etc. – these collections, annotated instructively, is a wonderful supply of chess lessons. You get to see a master dealing with the opening, middlegame, and endgame. And also you get to see how these masters punish mistakes. Read enough annotated collections of games and you will see those masterful moves appear in your games!

Nugget Of Wisdom For Chess Improvement 5

Slow and consistent wins…particularly in chess. All of us need to improve in chess. BUT unfortunately, some are dreaming to make it to grasp stage inside a year of study. Sorry that’s NOT going to happen. Unrealistic chess improvement expectations will solely result in frustration. It is going to kill your love for the game.

Chess improvement and training doesn’t have to be a full time job. It’s all about focus – focus on the MOST important aspects of chess.

What are these?

That’s EXACTLY what a Grandmaster, psychologist, and active chess trainer reveals RIGHT here:

It’s filled with practical advice on (1) how to think in chess like an expert (2) how to prevent blunders (3) how to train EFFICIENTLY and for maximum chess improvement (4) how to prepare for tournaments, and MORE

This page could change the way you play the game and help you SIGNIFICANTLY Improve In Chess!

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If you are clueless how to improve in chess, if you study and train for long hours YET do NOT achieve any significant results, don’t worry. Help is on the way. A Grandmaster, psychologist, and long-time chess coach has developed specialized chess courses that aim to help the chess amateur who wants to improve in chess! These chess improvement courses are filled with tried and tested chess tips on (1) how to think properly (2) how to avoid those horrible blunders (3) how to make your study twice or even three times more effective (3) how to prepare for a tournament and get yourself in tip top shape, and those are just to name a few! It may be EXACTLY what you need to Improve In Chess! It’s here:

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