How to play Chinese chess on your computer

Chinese chess has a great history and is a game full of wisdoms and funs.DO YOU ever want to experience leading your army to fight in the ancient battlefield? If yes, Chinese chess soul can offer the platform for you and you can enjoy being a mandarin by mastering your chesses on the chess board!

Whoever you are, a beginner or expert, you will have FUN and EXCITING playing with her. You and your family can enjoy by beating computer and improving chess level; Arena match game model, Computer adjusts its level to meet your level and record your scores.


The software: chess soul

Download here:


Follows are quick guide for you :

Step 1: Free Download ,then install Chinese Chess Soul.

Step2: Launch the game now, and you can see the first screen. Now, you can let the computer play red or black chess by clicking (red side) or  (black side)  , once your finish your round, you can click ” move now” button:  so the AI will start to play.
Click at “game”, choose “new game” so that you can start a new game.

Step3: Also you can play arena match mode by selecting ”start” in the arena match option.
In this mode ,the computer will adjusts its level to meet your level and record your scores.

Note: If you quit in the middle of the game, you still can continue to play your last game by logging in your user name next time you start your arena mode

Step4: Finally, you can change the AISETUP as per:
Choose “Wizard for AI Setup” option.

Note: you can have seven day of trial period for trial product. You can get its full version now at a very competitive price!

Purchase Chinese Chess Soul and enjoy playing it NOW!!


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Chinese Chess Basic Rules

  • The King moves only one space either horizontally or vertically at a time. Furthermore, the King must always stay within the palace, which is a square marked with an X.
  • The Guards move only one space at a time diagonally. Similar to the King, the guards must stay within the palace.
  • The Ministers (Elephants) move two spaces at a time diagonally, for example, twp spaces left or right and two spaces up or down in a move. They must stay within their own side of the river. If there is a piece standing midway between the original and targeted position of a minister, the minister is blocked and the movement is not allowed.
  • The Rooks (Cars) move one or more than one spaces horizontally or vertically if all positions between the original and targeted positions are without any block.
  • The Knights (Horses) move two spaces horizontally and one space vertically or respectively two spaces vertically and one space horizontally. If there is a piece next to the horse in the horizontal or vertical direction, the horse is blocked and the movement is not allowed.
  • The Cannons move one or more than one spaces horizontally or vertically like Rook. However, in a capture move, there must be exactly one non-empty space in between the original and targeted position. In a non-capture move, all spaces in between must be empty.
  • The Pawns (or Soldiers) move one space at a time. If a pawn does not cross the river yet, it can only move forward vertically. Once crossing the river, the pawn can also move horizontally.
  • Capture: When a piece moves to a position currently held by an opponent’s piece, it captures that opponent’s piece. The captured piece will be removed from the board.
  • King’s line of sight: The two Kings in the board must never be on the same vertical line without any pieces in between them. Any move that puts the two Kings in such a setting is illegal.
  • King safety: One must never leave the King to be captured by the opponent in the next move. Any move that put the King in such a setting is illegal.
  • End game condition: The game ends when one of the following situations happens: Checkmate: If one threatens to capture the opponent’s King and the opponent has no way to resolve the threat, one wins. Stalemate: If one does not have any valid movement, one loses.


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