Christmas Games for Children

If you are looking for Christmas games for children there many different games that you can choose from. There are Christmas games that can be played with large groups and there are other games that can be played by a small group of two or more children. Playing games is an ideal way to entertain children in the lead up to Christmas.

Here are two Christmas games for children that can be played by large groups. These are ideal as Christmas party games or as Christmas classroom games.

What’s My Present?

This game is a noisy one that will get everyone mixing and competing to work out what their present is. Every player needs a card with the name of a present on it. The card is pinned onto the back of each child without the child seeing what it says but players can see each other’s cards. When each player has a card, they all mingle asking each other questions about what their present is. The only questions that can be asked are those that can be answered with yes or no. For example, Do I use it for sport? Is it a toy? The first player to guess what their present is, is the winner but continue playing until all have guessed.

Jingle Bells and Santa’s Sleigh

The players sit in a circle. One player is chosen to be IT and stands in the centre of the circle. IT walks up to a player and says JINGLE or BELLS or SANTA’S SLEIGH and then counts to 5. The player that IT has spoken to has to respond appropriately. 
If IT says JINGLE – the player says the name of the person to his or her right. If IT says BELLS, the player says the name of the person to his or her left. If IT says SANTA’S SLEIGH, the player says his or her own name. The player has to respond correctly without hesitating while IT counts to 5. If the player is successful, IT moves onto another player. Play continues until IT gets someone out and this person then becomes the next IT.
There are other Christmas games for children that can be played by a small group as well as a large group. The following game is ideal for both.

Christmas Twenty Questions

One player thinks of something that could be a Christmas present and tells if it is animal, vegetable, mineral or mixture, i.e. animal – an animal or derived from animal; vegetable – a plant or derived from plants; mineral – from the mineral world and has never been alive; a mixture – a combination. The others then ask up to twenty questions that can be answered with yes or no, to guess what the present is. If someone guesses they then choose the next present. Encourage broad questions rather than wild guesses, e.g. Is it used outside? Can it move by itself? Not Is it a teddy? Is it a vase?

If you need Christmas games for children you can use those above or you might like to consider creating your own games. Children will enjoy making their own Christmas board games. They can have fun making these board games and then have fun playing the games. Children can also make their own Christmas bingo cards with Christmas words so that they can play Christmas bingo. This is just one of many different Christmas games for children that the kids can be involved in planning and creating.


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Teresa Evans is a parent and teacher who has created a range of kids Christmas Activities including printable Christmas games for children. For your set of free Christmas printables click here

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