Advice for Game Authors from the Maker of The Settlers of Catan

Aspiring game authors hold Klaus Teuber as a shining example of what can happen with a solid concept and appealing game design. Although he had published games before, it was not until the success of The Settlers of Catan that Teuber was able to retire from his job in dentistry and devote his time to game making and promotion. Here are some tips from Klaus Teuber for game makers trying to get a start.

Love what you do– Teuber began designing games for himself and no one else. It was his hobby and his escape. As you work on developing games, make sure to concentrate on enjoying it. If game creation becomes a painful task, it will show itself in the game. On the other hand, if you love the game then others are sure to do the same.

Keep it varied- Most of Teuber’s games involve strategy on the part of the player. However, he always incorporates elements of chance. Chance helps to level the playing field between players of different abilities. It also keeps game play fresh and varied. Every game session is a new experience and the game becomes a classic.

Test it out- Teuber involved his family in testing every game he made. They were excellent critics, never afraid to show boredom if the game did not engage them. Through this testing procedure, Teuber was able to refine his games.

Don’t give up- It’s easy to despair of ever creating a successful game. But even Teuber doesn’t get it right on the first try. In addition to revisions made during testing, some of his games were rejected several times by publishing companies. Some of them remain in his closet and others were further improved by this process to become award-winning games. Remember that every critique provides an opportunity for improvement.

In the About Us section of the Catan Online World, Klaus offers more detailed information for game-makers who have already developed their ideas into full-fledged games. He addresses practical topics on how to protect, present and publish the game. Find it here ( ).

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